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rosanne kapela, 1991


View from the exhibition ECAL Diplômes 2016, group exhibition, ECAL, Lausanne, 2016

                                                                                                                courtesy of the artist

about the artist

About Armano

Rosanne Kapela is a Swiss artist based in Laussane. Born in 1991 in Bex, in the nearby of Montreux, she graduated in 2016 frpm ECAL Lausanne with a Bachelor in Fine Arts and currently she is studying for her master’s degree at the renowned art school, HEAD Genève.

Kapela’s works are visually striking through bold colours and sometimes overwhelming size. Her amorphous shapes but at the same time well delimitated from the background are the result of a careful study and simulation. There is no randomness, no expressionism and no hazard in her work. Having had to give up a career in dance due to a knee injury, her process of abstracting is an intellectual process of reducing dance movements to colour fields.

Her more recent work can be seen at Le Cabanon- espace d’art contemporain, in Lausanne.

Celebrating the 30th anniversary of the french-speaking antenna of SIK-ISEA, Le Cabanon is inviting the young plastic artist Rosanne Kapella to explore Arthur Jobin’s (1927-2000) personal archives. Pioneer of geometrical abstraction within Swiss Romandie, Arthur Jobin – or « Bob » for close friends - became famous for protean works in which circle and curve play an essential role, often devolving within the realm of rituality reminding the observer of the sacred. Shaped by documents preserved in SIK- ISEA’s Swiss offices, Rosanne Kapela, inspired by Arthur Jobin’s chromatic language and techniques offers Le Cabanona series of specifically produced interventions while experimenting ways to plastically reactivate archive documents.The intervention will also introduce the release of a curated series of photographic archives, taken from the Arthur Jobin fund.

Camille Avellan


Cher Bob, Le Cabanon- espace d’art contemporain, Lausanne, 2018;

Protect It (with Cécile Krähenbühl), Espace HIT, Genève, 2016;

ECAL Diplômes 2016, group exhibition, ECAL, Lausanne, 2016;

Construire un feu, exposition collective dans le cadre d’un cours de Denis Savary, ECAL, Lausanne, 2015;

Personal exhibition, Cinéma Grain d’Sel, Bex, 2014.


Screenshot_2018-11-02 Week of September

Rosanne Kapela's work selected by Sean Santiago for Sight Unseen, an American design magazine

Rosanne Kapela, Cher Bob, Le Cabanon- espace d’art contemporain, Lausanne, 2018

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