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How to improve Health, Wealth and Happiness with Art

"Happiness is the highest form of health." - Dalai Lama


There are three things in life you can never get enough of - Health, Wealth and Happiness. Life is a wonderful mystery of balance everyone wants to perfect, especially between these three vital aspects.

How can art impact and improve these qualities in your life? We are surrounded by inspiration which comes in many forms, including art. Here are a few ways we use art to contribute to these fundamental objectives in our lives everyday:


Physical, mental and social well-being all contribute to our health, and art is proven to improve each of these without us even knowing and by applying a few simple techniques.

We are what we consume, be it within your diet or visual surroundings. Healthy body, healthy mind and healthy interaction with the world around us optimises us and who we are as individuals.

When studying anything to do with food in culinary arts, the most important aspects you get taught to consider when preparing a meal is that it should smell tantalising, taste delicious and most important, to be visually beautiful when plated. When considering your diet, you should use your visual creativity and have as much variety of colour as possibleon your plate. Remember, your diet is equally as important as exercise when concerning your optimum health. 

On the other hand, physical activity plays a huge impact on exercising a person’s creativity. Physical exercise can significantly improve cognitive efforts involved in creativity, specifically convergent thinking, such as the ability to come up with solutions and divergent thinking, which involves conceiving original ideas.

“When I’m still, the mind can race, but when I run, I can step out of the mind and watch the thoughts.” - Nathlie Provosty. 

Any moving meditation can assist with building the body's physique which in itself is an art and one we all strive to perfect. Trying everyday to better yourself becomes an artistic practice, like trying each day to move towards achieving a project. 

- Keep up to date with our Galerie Pirlot for workshops regarding how you can improve your wellness and health, or try your hand at an art class on the human figure.


We all know that within the art world there is an abundance of wealth to be made, but how would you get into the buying and selling of art and why?

We all have this idea that purchasing art is only for the elite, but in-fact we all partake in purchasing art in some or other form on a daily basis without realising. Every label, brochure, poster or visually appealing marketing tool is a piece of art. So why do we find it so difficult to purchase an artwork from an aspiring artist? Mostly, we are not informed about how to go about attaining such an asset. The beauty about investing in art is, like any investment, it has Capital Growth Potential and will always have residual value. 

Take the time to read about the importance of investing in art and property:

- Contact us and we’ll give you information on how to start with your investment.


Not only can looking at art alter your mood, as it has the same psychological effect as a euphoric experience of romantic love and aids in self reflection, but so can producing art greatly improve your happiness

When making a piece of art, it allows you to process emotions, making you self-aware of how you are feeling in that current moment and expressing it. 

It also helps you focus on the present moment, where you may experience a state of ‘flow’ in which you become so engaged with what you are doing, you do not notice time passing and forget all challenges in your current environment.

Art makes you feel good by being intrinsically rewarding, and your brain relates creating art to a reward achieved. Whatever form of art you decide to participate and create, will help in reducing stress levels and lower anxiety, increasing your psychological resilienceand overall mental health.

When we think of art and artists, its often linked to the classical artists, like Leonardo de Vinci and Pablo Picasso, but we forget the modern day authors, architects, photographers, fashion and graphic designers but to name a few all produce art and all need a space to create, and need to connect and be supported.

- Here at Galerie Pirlot, you can submerge yourself within an environment which can increase and optimise your health, wealth and happiness.

We offer creative individuals the chance to express themselves in an enriching studio space, offering wifi and coffee, and we host creative and wellness workshops which aid to work on any part of your life which you feel you could improve on. We offer support, information and advise should you wish to begin your art investment journey.

We host regular exhibitions to promote upcoming and established artists, and always open to suggestions and comments.

Contact Galerie Pirlot (+41 78 920 18 99 / or visit our website We’re looking forward to seeing you soon!

Author: Christine de Valence

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