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nathan bartley, canada

about the artist

About Armano

Nathan is an established artist well known in North America. Having a major in painting from the University of Guelph, Ontario, he finds the inspiration for his work in the many placed he lived so far, Canada, Japan or India.

My goal is not to create art, says Nathan, "Art is a mean to developing as a human and to bridge gaps." 

The dualities or polarities that Nathan Bartley sees in life, and that appear in his autobiographical work, contrast and blur many opposing boundaries -art practice/life practice, precious/recyclable, east/west, abstraction/realism, body/mind, subject/object, artist/viewer, unity/separation. 

The cut and paste approach to Nathan's process is seen everywhere in his studio. Rather than planning and executing a particular scene, everything is in flux, often creating unexpected associations or broken narrative. Juxtapositions are more likely to raise a question than to answer one. Images are tentatively drawn and painted in black ink and charcoal with a quick hand, to be reviewed and possibly reworked later. The moments unfold without a real perception of a beginning, middle, and an end. The fresh energy of the creative process is more of a meditation, a blurring of mind and body, than a concern for a finished product. Nathan describes "time" as a construct which becomes an obsession for others.



Nathan Bartley, Marrakech, Galerie Robert Polin, Montreal, 2013

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