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Jerzy Piwowarczyk

about the artist

About Armano

Jerzy Piwowarczyk is also a photographer and visual artist after a first actor's life in Poland and France. He is a member of the Union of Polish Photographic Artists - ZPAF and Society of Authors of Visual Arts and Fixed Image - SAIF in France. His works have been presented several times in solo and group exhibitions. His photographs are in private and public collections in France and Poland.


The human beeches


"During his rural and sylvan wanderings, he spends hours pursuing his shadow, talking about the asperities of nature and waiting for the sun. The work of the fruitful and fruitful symbiosis of intriguing silhouette, of light and a changing surface. The contours thus traced suggest beings made of rocks, leaves and very often bark.


Jerzy's photographs are a dive into being. Diving at various levels of depth. Each image can be seen as "part of the truth about the state of mind and the emotions of the artist", an experience through which he "explore and find his deep". It is also a vision of nature with this impression that "with the eye of Jerzy"


This alleged text of our ephemeral passage, source of reflection on the balances to find and maintain, these portraits of shadows, says on the man, illustrate as much as possible our complex, beautiful and monstrous nature. "

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