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fabio refosco

About the artist

About Armano

Born in Valdagno VI year 1968, lives and works in Trissino VI, it is from the attendance of the various Artists of the territory of Vicenza that his artistic journey begins by perfecting the various pictorial techniques and modes of expression. 

“Art is a serious and difficult matter, and it involves those who exercise absolute humility and great constancy, " said my Master Otello De Maria. 

“A time-consuming path and stratification, a path where painting becomes an "everyday", in which to dive, an act repeating systematically as a necessity. I have no absolute control over form, the gesture is to control the uncontrollable, a challenge that brings me to this game of shapes and feelings that are in the becoming. One could say that the center of my work is the unpredictability, a poetic and dramatic gesture that takes on a life of its own. It is probably the tension to a need for meaning and general order in this life of distant micro events, which drives me into this intimate, indefinite, reflective course.  

There is always a connection, a meaning that goes beyond the individual events of life. There is a thin thread that connects the invisible to the visible, to the material. Man is the creator of his own existence, he shapes the matter to his liking, he fears the "case".  

Within a "Bubble" there are visions, suggestions, emotions, parts of ourselves. My art is a soul motion, perhaps a disease or a therapy. Here "the case does not exist" I do create, I speak, I get from a single, precise gesture, and choose the right moment to make the shapeless converse into the shape.”  

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